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When you are out on a hike, remember to check for ticks, unfortunately they are everywhere, hiding under last falls leaves & on new growth bushes just at the edge of the trail, just waiting for you to brush against the leaves so they can hitch a ride, there has been an explosion of poison ivy on the edges of a lot of trails as well – don’t brush up against it unless of course you like to itch…

If you don’t smell like the forest when you get home, you did not hike long enough.

Hiking boots are designed for this

get out and get to it.

I have been hiking on all kinds of adventures on all kinds of trails in New Hampshire since 1972, always wandering the trails near wildlife-rich marsh areas, photographing and making video’s of the wildlife and landscapes, climbing challenging ascent’s and scrambles of open exposed rock faces and other hikes near me. This blog reflects only about 10% of the hikes I have been on, the internet did not exist back then and records were not kept other than notes in the margins of the AMC trail guide & map book which I acquired in the late 70’s.

II usually hike with way too much camera gear, and love hiking the summits in the , Monadnock, and of New Hampshire.

My favorites are , , Chocorua, Tecumseh, Falls, , Rattlesnake, Cliff.

Locally in southern New Hampshire there is the Caldera, Mt  (with a peak & a view of Manchester at only 1,324ft above sea level), and Lake trails, and of course, the Rockingham rail trail. Some of these hikes are toddler friendly hikes that include rewards for the little ones, such as big boulders to climb on, ponds to fish in, birds aplenty and other wildlife to see (if you can keep quiet). Remember to keep any pets on a leash, bring lots of water and snacks for the little ones, most kids five and up can carry their own snacks and water in a small backpack, add binoculars to see the birds up close and a magnifying glass for looking at bugs, doing so will empower them to be a real part of the adventure instead of a tag-a-long for the adults.

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Hiking is Always an Adventure.