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Blackfire Clamplight Backpack


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Blackfire Clamplight Backpack is the only lantern that can clamp, stand, pivot and function as a traditional flashlight. Clamps to almost anything for bright, hands–free light. There are four light modes: high lantern, low lantern, strobe and flashlight. Lamp head pivots 170 degrees, delivering brilliant white light wherever you need it most. Emits up to 125 lumens in lantern mode and 65 lumens in flashlight mode. Built–in carabiner secures to backpacks and other clip–on gear, or snaps in place when not in use. Conveniently clicks into a straight position for use as a flashlight. Super–bright LED bulb never needs replacing. Meets International Water Resistant standard. IPX4 Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included.) Three–year limited warranty. Clamplight Backpack's integrated clamp mechanism and carabiner provide ultimate versatility and portability. Whether you're hiking, fishing or camping, Clamplight Backpack is a smart, compact travel companion. It clips to back packs and other gear for transport, and also clamps securely to virtually anything – tree limbs, tents, tackle boxes and more – illuminating your space and freeing up your hands. Plus, it can stand upright by swiveling the non–skid, rubber feet outward to create a stable base.

  • Clamps, stands, pivots to almost any surface
  • Four light modes: high lantern, low lantern, strobe, and flashlight
  • Head pivots 170 degrees
  • Emits up to 125 lumens in lantern mode and 65 lumens in flashlight mode
  • LED bulb never needs replacing
  • Meets water resistant standards


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