Lansky Tri-Stone Diamond Bench Stone


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Lansky delivers the most versatile 3 Stone Sharpener available, Combining 3 of our best stones: Diamond, Alumina–Oxide, and Ceramic.  The result is a stand–alone, high–value sharpening center that will do it all, with better versatility than other similar products and last longer doing it. All sharpening surfaces measure 2" x 6".

  • The continuous diamond surface (120 grit) will repair and re–profile extremely dull or damaged blades.  This is not to be used every time, only on blades in need of serious repair or re–profiling
  • The long lasting Alumina–Oxide surface (280 grit) is where most your touch–ups will occur, before polishing it off with the ceramic side.  This is most comparable to a traditional sharpening stone, producing a working–edge that is adequate for most cutting task
  • The Ceramic surface (1000 grit) is used for sharpening and finishing.  This is what will turn a micro–serrated edge into a smooth, shaving–sharp, cutting edge.  The type of edge you can confidently brag about
  • The sturdy plastic base boasts a wide footprint with low–profile and non–slip rubber feet giving the Lansky Tri–Stone Benchstone greater stability, resulting in greater user satisfaction
  • The unique tri–stone cradle allows you to have full control of the stones at all times
  • Unique tri–stone cradle
  • Fine ceramic stone

Lansky Tri-Stone Diamond Bench Stone

Country of Origin: CN – China
Weight 1.86 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 10.25 × 4.25 in
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