Cauldryn Coffee Travel Mug with Blender


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The Cauldryn Blender Smart Mug combines a blender attachment with the sophisticated heated smart mug. Blend together ingredients for a smoothie or shake with the blender attachment on the go. The blender is powerful enough to blend ice for frozen drinks so you can enjoy delicious chilled beverages. You can grind your own coffee beans in the Cauldryn and then keep your freshly brewed coffee warm by switching out the blender attachment for the heating element. The bottle has a 16 ounce capacity and is vacuum insulated to keep warm or cold beverages at their preferred temperatures. The Cauldryn app allows you to control the temperature of your beverage from your phone, which offers preset temperatures for green tea, black tea, brewing coffee, boiling water, and cooking freeze dried food on the home screen. You can manually control the temperature of your coffee with the custom dial control. Once you set the mugs temperature, it will regulate its temperature automatically even if you disconnect your phone. The temperature can also be set using the buttons on the right side of the LCD display. The top button to the left of the display controls the power saving mode, and the bottom button toggles the temperature unit from Fahrenheit to Celsius. The battery and heating element are removable for easy cleaning; the mug is hand wash only. The battery power level is displayed through the procession of 4 lights under the power button on the battery. The Cauldryn Blender Smart Mug offers generous heating and blending power so you can enjoy heated or cold drinks at the perfect temperature all day long.

  • Blend together ingredients for a smoothie or shake, grind your own fresh coffee beans to brew later, or blend ice for frozen beverages with the blender attachment
  • Equipped with a heating element that can be switched out with the blender attachment; use it to brew coffee, boil water, warm soup, or regulate temperature
  • Conveniently pairs with the Cauldryn phone app through Bluetooth communication; from the home screen you can select from 5 preset temperatures or dial in your own
  • Keeps your beverages at the right temperature with the vacuum insulated 16 ounce bottle; cold beverages stay cold and the heater keeps hot drinks hot
  • Complete setup includes travel mug, blender attachment, heating element, battery, desk base, power cord, and a lid; ideal for road trips, camping, and days at the office
  • Cauldryn’s battery pack provides power for all day temperature control. You can even plug it in.

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