Rocky Point @Lake Massebesic

I went down the rocky point fire road today to see what rocky point was all about. It was not what I expected, although there were several places at my destination where you could get to the water, it was not any more or less rocky than any other shoreline on Massebesic. The actual “rocky point” where the rocks extend out into the lake just under the surface as shown in the satellite image in the gallery below was not directly accessible from the fire road without doing a bushwack through mud and muck and I chose to not do that and it is located a short bit east-southeast from the open area where I stopped. It is possible that its name comes from the large rocks out in the water, several of which were visible from shore, that can cause Navigation and impact issues for boats. Only one spot where you would have enough room to cast a fishing line at the described open area, unsure if its a good spot or not, it is fairly close to the deep part of the lake but looked really shallow going out from the shore. Lots of poison ivy along the trail to be aware of, and one swampy area along the way with a few annoying bugs, but overall not a bad walk. There is a large tree across the trail about halfway to the point/shoreline area to be aware of.

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