Pulpit Rock – Bedford NH

The big (no pun intended) attraction of this area is Pulpit Rock, a huge rock formation that was created by the running water from the glacial ice melt near the end of the ice age.
Although this is a great place for families with kids to hike out to, be aware that there are many slick drop-offs / ledges well over 50 feet in height, please use extreme caution is those areas.

Aside from the main attraction, this area also has many cascades and another much smaller water formed bowl down in the ravine. The ravine can be descended using the ‘yellow’ marked trail and can have a few slippery spots when the water is running high.

According to reports on this area it was a tourist attraction in the 1890s. This area is a wildlife conservation area and should be treated as such, Leave No Trace – carry out your trash and watch but do not disturb the wildlife.

If you have the have the opportunity to walk into this area, it is indeed an impressive sight.

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