The Pawtuckaway Mountains

Pawtuckaway State Park North, Middle & South Pawtuckaway Mountains are 3 different peaks around the caldera that is Pawtuckaway Volcanic Ring Dike. There are many opportunities for hiking, with trails leading to many points of interest, including a fire tower; a marsh where beavers, deer, and great blue herons may be seen, and a geologically unique field where large boulders called glacial erratic’s were left when glacial ice melted.  Hiking to the top of one of the hills within the park offers 360˚ views in some locations. The view on north mountain is very narrow and is not at the true summit where there is no view at all due to tree cover. The fire tower was recently re-built with all new PT lumber and was under construction at the time of the visit.

Pawtuckaway park is also known in the rock climbing community as an excellent spot for free climbing the many house-sized boulders around the base of the hills.  Topographically the Pawtuckaway Ring Dike complex is expressed as a ring of low-lying mountains.

In the view from Google Earth, the volcanic ring is clearly visible.

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