Mount Uncanoonuc

From the archives… In May of 2016 we hiked the up the incline trail then across the summit trail to the viewpoints and down the remainder of the summit trail back to the parking area and Uncanoonuc Lake. The incline trail seemed like a relentless steep climb on a gravel surface from when the rail system was there and can be a challenge with keeping you footing due to the loose gravel.

The Uncanoonuc Mountains are two small mountain peaks in Goffstown, New Hampshire, United States. The north peak, the highest point in Goffstown, has an elevation of 1,324 feet (404 m) above sea level, and the south peak rises to 1,321 feet (403 m).

The mountains are a good spot for hiking, there are scenic views of the nearby skyline of Manchester and on a clear day, the skyline of Boston to the south.

In the early 1900s this area had a resort with a hotel and a cog incline railway and was the site of a ski area that was in operation in the 1930s & 1940s, the ski area was served by the cog railway that went up the south peak. There were 3 main ski trails from top to bottom, it was a popular ski destination until 1941, when the railway was damaged by a fire and destroyed.

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