Mount Belknap

This was a fairly easy hike on a damp and foggy day. The fire tower was in a low cloud with a brisk breeze. Thanks to another hiker we were able to find the trail entrance near the summit to descend briefly down a very slippery steep slope to see where a piper cub aircraft had crashed due to bad weather several years back.

The hike up Mt Belknap was mostly in the cloud-fog bank, The view from the summit was with visibility at about 50 feet due to the low lying cloud at the summit. There were limited breaks & a short view window where you could see the lakes from up on the fire tower. Had lunch and then hiked/climbed down to the plane crash site from the summit on a very steep grade, Rain from the day before created slick wet leaves & moss covered rocks that did not make for an easy go of it. Rain was predicted for late afternoon & thankfully it waited until we had descended to the Jeep at the end of the hike.

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