Clay Pond – Hooksett NH

Clay pond is in Hooksett NH. It is part of the Manchester Water Works properties and part of the upstream watershed that feeds Massebesic Lake water supply for the Manchester Area.

Access to this area is via unmaintained rocky and muddy dirt road that is accessible with high clearance vehicles (Jeep).

The actual trail head, or fire road access gate, has barely room for one vehicle not blocking the gate, the trail walk to the clearing at the waters edge is short and is only a few min walk. The space is littered with beer cans, broken glass bottles, and plastic casings from shotgun shells, and there was a makeshift fire pit in the center that looked like it had been used recently.

Note that use of or firing of firearms is prohibited on most all waterworks properties because of the contamination potential of lead in the drinking water and protected wildlife habitat areas, lead fishing weights are also prohibited.

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